Filter MAC Addresses to Block Hacking

An attacker can attack in any way to get into your network. There are measures that you can take to do so. MAC filtering is a way to do so. By enabling it only the devices with MAC address configured will be allowed to connect to the wireless network.

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MAC address is a unique identifier for networking hardware. It is definitely possible to spoof the MAC address so that no casual hacker or curious will go to such lengths, so MAC filtering can protect you in a better way.

To configure MAC Filtering follow the steps:
1.      Log on to your router by entering the address, and default username as admin and password as the password. Default IP address is  or 
2.    Now, tap ADVANCED > Security > Access Control.

3.    After that click Turn on Access Control.

4.    After enabling Access control, select an Access Rule.

·        Allow all new devices to connect: If you activate this setting, then if you add any device it can access your network without entering its MAC address on the screen.
·        Block all new devices from connecting: After activating this setting, MAC address will be necessary to add before you add a new device. And also its MAC address will be required for wi-fi connection.

These rule doesn’t affect the previously blocked or allowed devices. The rule only applies to the devices joining your network after changing the settings.
5.     Select the appropriate links in the user interface to view allowed or blocked devices.
6.    To allow your device to continuously access the network, tap the checkbox next to your device, and click Allow.
7.     Tap Apply and your changes will take effect.

For any help and support regarding your router and problem related to MAC filtering, you can contact our 24/7 available helpline. The experts at Netgear Customer Service Number are always ready to provide instant support to the customers.